Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like a good brainstorming session. It’s vitally important we all take the time for things we enjoy in life – things that can make us feel energized and relaxed at the same time.  Creating that summer bucket list can not only be fun but makes life worthwhile, keeps you inspired, and puts your dreams into an action plan.

You may not complete everything on your list, but you will get more out of life than if you hadn’t created one. So, start building a list of what you want to do this summer! Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a chart of books you want to read this summer,
  • Start a summer scrapbook,
  • Go on a strawberry picking adventure,
  • Visit a State Park,
  • Take walk-in new places,
  • Build an enormous sandcastle,
  • Make tie-dye t-shirts,
  • Squeeze fresh lemonade and add some of those strawberries you picked,
  • Rent a kayak.

Now, if those things just don’t challenge your creativity in the adventurous side of you, here are a few more suggestions I learned from Dave Letterman.

  • Continue the search for Jimmy Hoffa,
  • Go door to door, checking your neighbors for ticks,
  • Apply masking tape before sunbathing to give yourself slimming vertical tan lines,
  • Put a bikini on your cat, at your own risk,
  • Swim naked in a shopping mall fountain. (I do not recommend this one.)

Make that bucket list creative. Start a journal, or an idea notebook for your perfect vacation, write a novel, do something earth-friendly, do a random act of kindness. Articulate what you want to explore this summer. It will not only focus your attention but help you pursue your dreams. It’s a perfect way to set life goals and make them a reality.

Have fun this summer!

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