I am proud to announce the first book in The Cold Case Chronicles: A Kamira Jackson Mystery is now available for pre-sale.

It was a fun book to write. The characters a joy to build. I especially like Willie Mae Gordon, Kamira Jacksons aunt. Willie Mae at eighty-eight years old is a Traiteur. A healer. She has her own specialized herb healing garden out back of her kitchen, and many people come to Willie Mae to be healed. Willie Mae does not take money for payment, as you will see when she answers the door to greet Kamira, holding a live chicken.

Read more for the description of Mississippi Moonshine.

Forty-six years ago, two brothers were killed and thrown in the Wolf River. Can a troubled detective surface the truth before her own life is at risk?

Atlanta cop Kamira Jackson can’t forgive herself for getting caught and held captive for ninety days. Feeling unworthy of her job, she flees to Mississippi only to be confronted by a police chief who isn’t happy with his jurisdiction employing a Black policewoman. And she fears she’s being set up to fail when she’s given a decades-old murder assignment, and only six months to crack the case.

Vowing to beat the challenge and with the help of a retired veteran, Jackson retreads the slaying of two men shot point-blank and found floating in the isolated swamplands. But exposing an almost half-century conspiracy implicating too many powerful suspects might be fatally hazardous to her health.

Can the traumatized investigator overcome her nightmares and solve the cold case?

Mississippi Moonshine is the gripping first book in The Cold Case Chronicles crime thriller series. If you like fast-paced action, determined heroines, and unexpected twists and turns, then you’ll love Kacie Clement’s thrilling mystery.

Buy Mississippi Moonshine to open a can of dark truths today!

Pre Order your copy today! Release date: November 1, 2020

Well, I must get back to writing Book Two, A Shooting, A Drug Deal and a Trail of Ants.

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