The Little Guy

Author rejuvenation, what exactly does that mean? I tried googling it but came up with nothing specific for Authors. We all know as authors we get bogged down in tasks that take time away from our writing. For me, it is cleaning house, laundry, caring for my mom in law full time with Alzheimer’s, or board member task’s for my writing group. Sometimes it becomes all so overwhelming. Especially since I am supposedly retired.

After conducting my research on rejuvenation for an author, and not finding any unique ideas, I took things in my own hands. How, when feeling overwhelmed and needing a break was, I going to rejuvenate myself both physically and emotionally?

I decided it was time for some radical rejuvenation time, to once again center, find my balance and focus. So, I did something few dares to do today. I rented a cabin with the spouse and spent the week with no Television, no I-Phone, and no WIFI. Detached from the world and all its problems.

Now, I have to tell you the first full day was a struggle, I couldn’t check my sales of books, status of my Amazon Ads, I could not tweet, or spend any time on Facebook or Pinterest. I survived.

One thing I noticed, however, is that with an I-phone and no WIFI, you still receive notifications for all emails, tweets, and so on. That made the first day a struggle. It was time to handle that one important notification. Yes, I had to walk a quarter of a mile to reach a WIFI signal and forward an email.

The next few days were perfect. Quiet, relaxing, and entertaining. There is nothing like waking to the sound of loons calling on the lake. Going for walks in the early morning, fishing, and watching the stars come out at night to rejuvenate the spirit.

After that first day, I no longer paid attention to any notifications. When I made that decision a sign of peace came across me. I relaxed. I was letting go of the daily grind and getting into nature. Specifically, a squirrel who liked animal crackers. We bonded over animal crackers. Well, as much as you can bond with a squirrel. But the little guy was entertaining. He was there each morning, watching me from a few feet away as I had my first cup of coffee, watching the sun come up over the lake. No doubt waiting for an animal cracker, as I do not think the little guy was there for me personally.

I would recommend to all authors you find the time to shut down from the world completely. Whether it is for a day or a week. Take the time. Find your center, your balance, peace, and the time to enhance your creativity. It is well worth it.

 I also have a plan for the next, what I now call my, “Drop the World Experience.”  Three days alone in the woods, with my laptop, doing nothing but writing. I fully plan to take this next experience in the middle of a Minnesota Winter. Our winters are snowy and often cold, so I will need a fireplace, sweatpants, sweatshirt, and wooly cabin socks. Most definitely some Cameron’s Lakes and Shores coffee.

How do you Rejuvenate? Let me know in the comments. Share your ideas, experience to help others in finding that peace and balance.

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