An author friend and I were talking one day and discussing the challenges of marketing our books as Indie Authors. During our discussion she mentioned Bryan Cohen had a new 5 day Amazon Ad Challenge coming up.

I laughed. Amazon Ads were not only a mystery to me, but had been a challenge as well over the past three years. She convinced me to try it. Five days, it was free, so I thought, why not? It might be a great way to expand my knowledge as a relatively new author, and then just maybe I could figure out how to do ads on Amazon.

Over the past two weeks, I have taken Bryan Cohen’s Amazon Ad Challenge. After the first video, I was excited and ready to get to work. The guy is inspiring if nothing else. Half way through the program, I was mind boggled, racing to write hooks for all my books, spending time daily making new ads on Amazon. Alot of new ads.

As the program went on I found, I put everything else aside and dove in headfirst, catching the next new class, and reviewing the past classes to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I am a woman who often has many questions about everything. In this course, I had questions and emailed those questions to Mr. Cohen rapidly. The quality of his team amazed me. They responded almost immediately, answering each question thoroughly, encouraging me to keep moving forward, and were open to any further questions I might have had.

Now, again, this was a free course. The openness of Bryan and his team impressed me. I have taken many classes online in marketing, trying to learn something new. This course has been the most challenging one I have ever done, but it also was the one course that brought me proven results within a week of putting his theory to work.

Bryan takes you on a new and exciting journey. He easily explains the trials and errors of advertising on Amazon, provides wonderful resources and is fun, and has quite the thought provoking homework assignments. I give this training Bryan Cohens Five Day Amazon Ad Challenge a Five Star Rating! In just two weeks, my sales have increased and my Kindle page reads are through the roof!

You can find out more about Bryan Cohen’s Amazon Ad Challenge at I believe he has another class coming up in October. Give it a try, I highly recommend it.


  1. I write mostly poetry. I know everyone says it’s a hard sell but there are poets who do well, Rupi Kaur, Tyler Knott. Do you think it could work for me?


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