In my vast research I have found that writers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Which brought me to the thought process of what do you wear when writing that first novel?

When I worked in the professional world, I was someone who dressed every day in business attire. Then came retirement and my fresh adventure of being a novelist. The first month, I dressed as I would go to work. Writing a novel is work, right?

Then my family started asking me where I was going? Even though the sign on my home office door said, ‘Halt, writer at work. Enter at your own risk.’ It seemed they were expecting me to leave at any moment.

Then I joined a writer’s club and seen what they were wearing. That is where my confusion began. Some wore casual office attire, some wore jeans and t-shirts, some were lucky to be wearing any clothes at all. They all looked different. I had dressed professionally for the occasion of my first meeting.

It was then I started my research of how writers dressed. This the result from my massive research:

The Artsy Writer: included scarves, flowing tunics, bright and earth colored, were confident and bold.

The Eclectic Writer: leaned more toward vintage clothing, with cowboy boots paired with lace.

The Sexy Writer: leaned towards short-short skirts and plunging necklines.

The Business Writer: included, skirts, hose, heels, and button-down shirts.

The Casual Writer:  leaned towards clean and comfortable. Making the statement, I need not impress anyone vibe.

The Funky Writer: dresses in ripped jeans, a Queen t-shirt, rainbow colored hair, kind of rock-band vibe.

After all that research time, I threw the research conducted away. I have now published five books and have concluded that it did not matter how I dressed. I realized my writing attire at all times is to wear pajamas. It is inspirational and comfortable. When I leave the house, well, it is whatever is available in the closet. Dress for success is no longer in my vocabulary. I look at going to the store, post office, or whatever errand I am on, as going incognito. You never know what you may hear while waiting in line that generates your next big story.

So if you’re a writer, wear what makes you most comfortable, even if the UPS guy reminds you it is three in the afternoon, as he takes in your pajamas when you answer the door.

For further research, let me know what your writing style is in the comment section below.

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